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Free* update!

A free update is out now, adding amiibo compatibility and other new features!

Find out more

Free* update!

A free update is out now, adding amiibo compatibility and other new features!

Find out more

Moving to a new town and making new friends is a big step… but it's even bigger when you're the mayor! Get ready to enjoy a whole new life in a town shaped entirely by you as Animal Crossing: New Leaf comes to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

Continuing the much-loved freeform gameplay from previous Animal Crossing titles, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game without any restrictions. There are no goals, no story, not even an ending – instead, you can enjoy life in your new town in any way you choose. And since time in the game moves at the same pace as in the real world, every day brings new experiences!

Your first steps in Animal Crossing: New Leaf come about by accident: shortly after arriving in town, a mix-up by Isabelle the town clerk sees you become the mayor! Although you can still do whatever you please, your new powers as mayor allow you to shape the town in any way you wish. From creating public works projects that add buildings, bridges and all kinds of decorative items to laying down ordinances (a fancy word for laws) that dictate how your town runs. You've now got the freedom to make the town of your dreams!

If non-stop sunshine is more your thing, then a trip to the island might be just what you need! Take the boat ride with Kapp'n, then explore an island full of tropical fruits, insects and fish to your heart's content. And while you're there, consider enjoying a tour or two – play minigames either alone, with friends or online with other players, then trade in the medals you earn for some souvenirs to take back home.

There's even more freedom to express yourself in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! You can buy new clothes – tops, trousers, skirts, hats, masks and even shoes – from the Able Sisters or the Shoe Shank, improve your home with new rooms and renovations, and create your own exhibits in the local museum. Or you can head out to listen to K.K. Slider in concert or behind the decks in Club 101, go shopping on Main Street, or customise your home and furniture by creating your own designs at the Re-Tail shop. All this awaits, and much more besides!

You can also enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf with your friends, family and even people you've never met! Up to four people can live in the same town on a single Game Card (playing at different times), which allows you to share the experience with those close to you. Alternatively, you can get together simultaneously with friends who also own a copy of the game – either online or via Local Play – to visit the island, enjoy minigames or just hang out doing whatever you want! You can also use StreetPass to share your home with other people and visit the homes of others in the Happy Home Exhibition, or travel to other people's towns online while you sleep in the Dream Suite.

Packed with new animals, new experiences and new ways to have fun, both long-time fans of Animal Crossing and newcomers to the series are sure to enjoy everything that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has to offer. It's a new life... live it how you please!

  • Play your way – enjoy in-game life in real-time with no constraints on how you spend it!
  • Use your mayoral powers to build projects, set ordinances and create the town of your dreams
  • A host of new ways to be creative and have fun: customise the world with your own designs, create museum exhibits, visit a tropical island, head to the local nightclub and much more!
  • Make friends with lots of new characters and experience new events throughout the year!
  • Play with friends either locally or online, meet other people via StreetPass or visit new towns over the Internet

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available from the Nintendo UK Online Store.

Print out your free Animal Crossing: New Leaf brochure, packed with official art!

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Free* update out now!

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A free* software update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available now, expanding your town's horizons with amiibo compatibility and other new features! If you already own Animal Crossing: New Leaf, all you have to do is update your existing game!


What's new?

  • Check out a new area, the campground, where animals can come to visit!
  • Earn MEOW Coupons for carrying out town initiatives!
  • Trade MEOW Coupons for Bells or furniture at the campground, including furniture from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and all-new items!
  • You can use Animal Crossing amiibo cards and figures (sold separately) to invite animals to your village, help you out in minigames or get new items!


  • There are amiibo collaborations with other series, too!


  • Take photos of villagers or amiibo characters with the amiibo Camera!
  • Play a pair of new minigames: Animal Crossing Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape!
  • Rearrange furniture quickly with the Touch Screen!
  • Link your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer save data and furniture from that game will be added to the Timmy & Tommy shopping catalog!


Out November 11th: new Animal Crossing amiibo cards!

There are 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards, and each one features an animal that hasn’t been seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf before.

On November 25th 2016, Sanrio Collaboration Pack amiibo cards will be released, too!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

If you don't already own the game, from November 25th 2016 you can buy a packaged version of the game that already includes the update, called Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. Each copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo comes with one of the new Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

Animal Crossing Direct

Find out more in this Animal Crossing Direct presentation!

How to use amiibo

If you own a New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, you can use amiibo on the NFC area on the bottom screen. You can also use amiibo on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS via the NFC Reader/Writer accessory (sold separately)!

Look out for more information coming soon!

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