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    Wii Shop Channel: Controller Requirements for Virtual Console Games

    In 2019, we will close the Wii Shop Channel used on Wii and Wii U, which has been available since December 2006.

    Read this article for all the end dates for each service!

    Virtual Console games available for download on the Wii Shop Channel span many different home console systems, and are published by many different companies. Because each console and game can have their own unique controller needs, it is important to understand what the controller requirements are before downloading a game.
    When browsing games on the Wii Shop Channel, you can see which controllers are compatible with the game you are browsing. Please make sure you have at least one of the controllers shown on the game's page of the Wii Shop Channel.


    The following controller icons can appear in the Wii Shop:


    wiishop_controller_overview.gif Wii Remote: When held horizontally, the Wii Remote is a great way to play NES and other compatible games.
    Classic Controller (sold separately): The Classic Controller attaches to the Wii Remote and can enable play for many different game types.
    Nintendo GameCube Controller (sold separately): Inserting a Nintendo GameCube Controller or Wave Bird wireless controller into the available controller slots on the system will enable game play for many types of Virtual Console games.


    Please note that Wii systems bought in 2011 or later may not be compatible with Nintendo GameCube software, and accessories that use the Nintendo GameCube Controller Sockets. Click here to find out how to identify if a Wii is compatible with Nintendo GameCube software and accessories.