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Photo Channel: Going back to Photo Channel 1.0

If you updated to Photo Channel 1.1, but have decided you prefer Photo Channel 1.0 (for instance if you'd rather have MP3 compatibility instead of AAC), going back is easy. All you have to do is select the Wii button from the Wii Menu Screen, choose Data Management, and select "Channels." Select the Photo Channel icon and confirm you wish to delete it. After that, Photo Channel 1.0 will automatically be available again from your Wii Menu Screen. If you ever change your mind, simply go back to the Wii Shop Channel and re-download Photo Channel 1.1!

Please note that Wii consoles that come with Photo Channel 1.1 pre-instaled at the factory will not have the ability to delete that version and downgrade to Photo Channel 1.0 (these consoles became available at retail in December, 2007).