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    Replying to a Message

    "Messages" are received over the Internet from Wii Friends you have added to your Address Book. Please note that in order to send or reply to a Message, you must have a broadband internet connection and have registered your Wii Friend in the Address Book.

    (You cannot reply to "Memos" posted locally on the Message Board.)

    1. Access the Wii Message Board (how to).
    2. Use the Wii Remote to move the cursor over the Message you would like to reply to, and press the A Button.


    3. From the Message screen, select "Reply."


    4. Move the cursor over the body of the Message and press the A Button to open the virtual keyboard.
    5. Enter text by moving the cursor over the desired letter and pressing the A Button.
    6. To attach a Mii, select the Mii icon, then select the Mii you would like to use. (This option only works when sending your Message to another Wii console).
    7. Select "Send" to send your message.