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    Creating a Message

    "Messages" are created when you are sending a message over the Internet to another person's Wii console or email address. Please note: You must have a broadband internet connection (more), and register your Wii Friend in the Address Book (how to).

    (If you are wanting to just send a message to someone in the same household as you, that is a "Memo.")

    1. From the Wii Message Board main menu, select the "Create Message" icon.


    2. Select the "Message" icon.


    3. Select a Wii Friend to send a message to from the address book, and then press the A Button.


    4. Move the cursor over the text area of the message and press the A Button to open the virtual keyboard.
    5. Enter the text by moving the cursor over the desired letter and pressing the A Button.
    6. To attach a Mii, select the Mii icon, then select the Mii you would like to use.
    7. Select "Send" to send your Message.