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    Parental Controls


    The Wii Parental Controls settings offer you a means to manage what Wii content is accessible to the console users. If you apply Parental Controls, you will be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN which will allow you to adjust the Parental Controls settings in the future and also allow you to access content that may be restricted by the Parental Controls settings. The Parental Controls default setting is "OFF" which means that the console will allow all content unless you change the settings. There is one Parental Control setting per console, so it is recommended that you put the settings on the most secure that you need for your family; you can then share the PIN with users who may be allowed access to blocked content.

    To adjust the Parental Controls settings:

    1. Access the Wii System Settings.
    2. Click on the blue arrow to reach the Wii System Settings 2 menu options.
    3. Choose "Parental Controls" and select "Yes."
    4. Enter the 4-digit PIN and select OK. If you have forgotten the PIN, select "I forgot" to answer the secret question. (Answers to the secret question are case sensitive.)
    5. You can adjust the "Highest Game Rating Allowed" to be played on the Wii console. Please note that Parental Control settings do not affect Nintendo GameCube Game Discs.


    6. If your Wii console is also connected to the Internet, you have the ability to place limits on the following online features:
      • Internet Channel
        If you have downloaded the Opera browser (subject to availability) via the Wii Shop Channel, it is possible to allow or restrict use of the browser.
      • News Channel
        Control access to the News Channel.
      • Wii Messages
        You can disable the Wii console's ability to send and receive messages from other Wii consoles. Wii consoles can only send and receive messages if both of the Wii users have entered each others Wii numbers in their Address Books. Please note that your system will still receive system updates and related business messages from Nintendo regardless of this Parental Controls setting.
      • Use of Wii Points
        This setting controls the use of Wii Points, which are used to acquire downloads from the Wii Shop Channel. If this setting is on, users will be required to enter the 4-digit PIN in order to use Wii Points to download items from the Wii Shop Channel.
    7. Confirm the setting is as desired by clicking the "Settings Complete" button on the bottom right corner.


    If Parental Controls are applied and a user attempts to play or download content that exceeds the Parental Controls setting, the user will be prompted to enter the Parental Controls PIN to temporarily disable the Parental Controls. The PIN will be necessary each time a user tries to access restricted content. If your settings only apply to certain members of your household, share the Parental Controls PIN with users who may have unrestricted use of the system. You will be prompted to select and answer a secret question that will allow you to retrieve a forgotten Parental Controls PIN. If you forget your PIN, please follow the prompts on screen to answer your secret question. If you are unable to retrieve your PIN by answering your secret question, please contact Nintendo Consumer Service.