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    Connecting the Cables, AC Adapter, and Controllers

    1. Locate the audio/video INPUT jacks AND the component INPUT jacks on the TV.
    2. Connect the Component Cable to the Component inputs as follows:
      • Insert the Green plug in the green socket labeled Y on the back of the TV.
      • Insert the Blue plug in the blue socket labeled Pb or Cb on the back of the TV.
      • Insert the Red plug in the red socket labeled Pr or Cr on the back of the TV.
      • Insert the Red (Audio Right) plug into Audio IN Right.
      • Insert the White (Audio Left) plug into Audio IN Left.
    3. Connect the rectangular plug of the Component Video Cable into the Digital AV Out port on the back of the Wii console.
    4. Plug the Sensor Bar connector (red) into the back of the Wii console.
    5. Make sure the system is on a hard, flat surface. Allow plenty of space around the unit for ventilation. Make sure the power button is in the OFF position (button is not pressed-in).
    6. Plug the AC Adapter into the back of the system, into the DC 12V In port (it fits only one way). Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
    7. Turn the power on.
    8. Turn on the TV or VCR and locate the input select. It's often called Input Select, AUX (auxilary), Line, Line In, Input, Source, Select, In, or EXT (external). Switch the input select to show the game.
    9. Finding the Correct Input on Your TV:
      Turn on the TV and set it to the appropriate input select. The game should be displayed on the screen.