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    In 2019, we will close the Wii Shop Channel used on Wii and Wii U, which has been available since December 2006.

    Read this article for all the end dates for each service!

    What can I download in the Wii Shop Channel?

    In the Wii Shop Channel, you can spend Nintendo Points to download select titles from your favourite classic Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super Nintendo), Nintendo 64™ (N64), SEGA MEGA DRIVE™, Turbografx™ (PC Engine), NEOGEO™, Commodore 64™, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM™ and Virtual Console Arcade games. The Wii Shop Channel will also provide you access to WiiWare, a range of all-new downloadable software exclusive for Wii. After downloading content from the Wii Shop Channel, that content will appear as its own Channel in the Wii Menu.   

    Will the games downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel include an instruction manual?

    Yes. An electronic instruction manual will be included with each game downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. Press HOME while you are playing a downloaded game to open the HOME menu , and select OPERATIONS GUIDE to see the manual.

    What is the UPDATE button I see on some game descriptions in the Wii Shop Channel?

    This UPDATE button indicates there are enhancements for the game. If you have already downloaded the game, you may select UPDATE to download the enhancements. Please note, downloading the update may impact the saved game data.

    A game I downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel isn’t working properly. How do I get it fixed?

    If you experience problems with a game downloaded via the Wii Shop Channel, you can re-download the game free of charge. If any enhancements or fixes for a specific game are available, this will be indicated by an UPDATE button on the game description in the Wii Shop Channel. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the Nintendo Service Centre for assistance.

    Are the games on Virtual Console the same as the original games, or have they been enhanced?

    Virtual Console games reproduce the game content, moves, representation etc. true to the original piece when it was released, and the basic program, characters, sound etc. have not been changed. While the porting of games from original systems may result in minor changes to the game display, these changes do not affect gameplay.