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    All other sound and video problems

    • Is this your first time hooking up the Wii console or have you moved it to another TV or VCR? If so, please click here to review our step-by-step connection guide. Our experience shows that the majority of these issues can be solved by double-checking your connection.
    • If you have verified that the hookup is okay, then the game may be the problem. Try navigating the Wii Menu and Mii Channel to verify if the problem persists on those screens as well.
      • If the sound/video problems are not present on the Wii Menu or Mii Channel, there's likely a problem with the game. See Game Disc or Wii Shop Channel troubleshooting.
      • If the sound/video problems are present on the Wii Menu or  Mii Channel, it is likely that the problem is with the Wii console itself. Please click here to get in contact with our Consumer Support department