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    "Residue" left by vinyl sticker

    Some vinyl stickers that can be applied to the outer housing of the Wii console may leave behind a sticky residue when removed. We have found that the following procedure can be used to remove the residue:

    1. Place the fingers of one hand together and wrap a long strip of masking tape around the tips, so that the sticky part is facing outward. Other tape may be used, but we found masking tape to be the most effective.
    2. Dab at the sticky areas of the console with the tape to remove the sticky residue.

    If you are unable to remove the residue, and it is interfering with your enjoyment of the Wii console, then the system will need to be repaired. Because this type of damage is not covered under Nintendo's warranty, there will be a charge for the repair. Please contact Nintendo Consumer Service to discuss options available to you in this regard.