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    I purchased a Wii console that had version 1.1 pre-installed, but I would like to be able to enjoy the audio playback feature with an MP3 environment, so I would like to exchange the console for one with the previous version.
    Unfortunately, we cannot exchange consoles with earlier versions.

    Isn't it unfair that people who have had Wii consoles since before the upgrade can use the channel in an MP3 environment, whereas people who purchase Wii consoles now cannot?
    The circumstances involved a "specification changes after purchasing the product," so in this case, we made it possible for the customers themselves to choose.

    For customers who purchased versions with the upgraded Photo Channel pre-installed from the beginning, there was never an issue involving "specification changes after purchasing the product," so we are aware that the specification change does not cause any detriments to the customers.

    However, we will listen to any feelings of unfairness engendered by our customers as future issues relating to how to disclose information, etc. We hope for your understanding.