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This code appears when an error occurred during data transfer.

In this case, you and your fellow players will need to verify the settings of the Firewall in your wireless routers.

The following information can help people that have experience in setting up networks to change the settings of their Firewall or security software to the requirements of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Assign a fixed IP address to your Wii console, and open the following ports for that IP address:

Ports: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 53, 80 and 443

Enable traffic on all addresses (1 – 65000). This is necessary for the peer to peer connection required for playing.

We would like to point out that by opening the indicated ports you will greatly reduce the security level of the firewall. Please consider carefully if your security requirements are compatible with the requirements for using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.