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    230600 - 230700

    230600 - 230700

    Error Code(s) 230600 - 230700

    • This error code displays the following message:
      Data could not be sent. Check your Internet connection settings and try again later.
    • To try and fix this error, please try the following:
      Please try the following steps to resolve the issue you are experiencing with the Everybody Votes Channel:
      • Check the internet Connection Settings of your Wii console. If you need assistance we can walk you through the process using our step-by-step guide. Please click here to begin.
      • If you continue to experience this issue, it may be due to our servers being busy, in which case you should try again later. If you are still receiving this error code after waiting at least 24 hours, try General Troubleshooting. You can also get in touch with us directly. Go to the contact section for details.