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    Error Code(s) 230500

    • This error code displays the following message:
      Data could not be sent. Check your Internet connection settings and try again later.
    • To try and fix this error, please try the following:
      If you recently received a system update, and use a router that has an IPS firewall that may not be compatible with the Wii console, please note that access to the News, Weather and Everybody Votes channels, as well as any channels that utilize the WiiConnect24 feature, may be inaccessible or have limited function with this update.
      A future Wii console system update is in development that will enable the use of all of the Wii console's online features. Please check back for more information.

      If the above information does not apply to you, please try the following steps to resolve the issue you are experiencing:
      1. Our servers may be busy. Please wait and try again later.
      2. Check the internet Connection Settings of your Wii console. If you need assistance, we can walk you through the process using our step-by-step guide that allows you to follow along. Please click here to begin.
      3. Some routers and Internet Service Providers may not be compatible with the Wii console's ability to connect online.
      4. If you are still receiving this error code after waiting at least 24 hours, and have confirmed your Wii console's Internet Connection Settings are correct, please contact Nintendo.