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  • Welcome to Nintendo Support

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    General Information

    Nintendo offers a free and fun online service for all Wii users. In order to connect your Wii online however, you must meet the following requirements:

    1. You must have an existing broadband internet connection, such as Cable or DSL. If you are not sure if your internet connection is broadband or not, please consult your Internet Service Provider.
    2. A compatible Internet Service Provider (ISP). While most services are compatible with the Wii, some ISPs do not allow additional devices to be connected to a network. Consult your ISP for more information.
    3. The Wii console must be able to access your broadband connection. This can be accomplished in one of three ways:

      • A wireless router (recommended)

        The Wii is compatible with most wireless routers and their security features. If you do not yet own a wireless router and would like information on what to look for, click here. If you have a wireless router and need assistance setting up your Wii, we can walk you through the process by clicking here.

      • Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

        Originally released for the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector inserts into a USB port on a PC ((Windows XP or Windows Vista required)) and creates a wireless access point for your Nintendo DS or Wii. For more information on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector, click here. If you already have the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and need help setting it up, click here.

      • A wired router using the Wii LAN Adapter

        If you have a wired router, the Wii LAN Adapter can be used to enable an ethernet connection from your wired router to the USB ports on the Wii console.