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    Career Mode tips

    You’ve put in the training, you’ve psyched yourself up and you’re ready for anything your opponent can throw at you. Well, almost anything. In PUNCH-OUT!! for Wii, the weird and wonderful assembly of boxers looking to put the brakes on your rise to the top will stop at nothing to leave you flat on your back before the final bell sounds.

    If you could use some inside info to help get your career in the ring on track, these pugilism pointers should assist your rise up the rankings and move you a step closer to becoming the undisputed pound-for-pound king. Take a look at how to turn some of the ferocious fighters you meet in PUNCH-OUT!! into your own personal punching bags as you play through the game’s Career Mode.

    Glass Joe
    Beating Glass Joe shouldn’t be a problem, but did you know you could send him to the canvas with a single punch? When the hapless veteran jumps back and taunts you, prepare to let your fists fly. Once he starts walking back towards you, a well timed punch will send him directly to the deck. Master this technique for a very quick night’s work against the game’s easiest opponent.

    Von Kaiser
    Although Von Kaiser represents a slight step up in class from Glass Joe, he should still be simple enough to overcome. Every time he’s about to take a swing at you he’ll stamp his feet – making it relatively straightforward to get out of the way. You should also keep an eye out for the moment when he leans back and taunts you by calling for his “mommy”. Punching him at this moment will earn you a Star Punch that can be put to great effect in ensuring his mum doesn’t actually recognise him at the end of the fight.

    Disco Kid
    It’s a good job that Disco Kid is such a good dancer, because he’s going to be looking for a new career after you’ve finished with him. When he flashes that winning smile of his, nail him with a jab to the head to earn a Star Punch. Dodging his shots to make room for yours shouldn’t be too much trouble, because he’s so sure of his speed he shouts “Here it comes!” before most of his attacks. Smart guy.

    King Hippo
    The bigger they are, the more pineapples they eat. King Hippo might look like a monster, but you can squash his world title ambitions with a combination of shots to the head and body. When he raises his hand and opens that big mouth of his, crack him in the face then unleash a volley of punches to his stomach as he desperately attempts to haul up those marquee-sized shorts. And rest assured, when something this size hits the ground, it stays there.

    Piston Hondo
    Piston Hondo’s most dangerous attack begins just after he jumps back and hops from side to side a few times. To avoid getting hit when he throws the combination that follows this curious dance, you’ll need to block three times then lean to the left. You should also keep an eye out for the moment Hondo’s eyebrow twitches. It’s his little way of telling you he’s about to try and knock you into next week. Thankfully, if you notice this indication and get in with a shot of your own first, you’ll earn a Star Punch.

    Bear Hugger
    He might be a dab hand at chopping down trees in the wilds of Canada, but you can prevent Bear Hugger from cutting you down to size if you stay focused. When he kindly asks if you “Need a hug?”, you should wait for a spilt second then duck as if your life depended on it – if you don’t, you’ll soon be sporting the mother of all headaches. To earn a Star Punch against this crazed lumberjack, hit home with a head punch when he taunts you by sticking his tongue out.

    Great Tiger
    Fast and ferocious like the jungle cat he takes his name from, Great Tiger has a few tricks up his sleeve that could derail your career if you’re not careful. When the jewel on his turban flashes yellow you have two options. You can either dodge the punch that’s about to fly your way or quickly land one of your own and earn a Star Punch. Of course, option two offers a higher risk to go along with the greater reward. When he splits in two, you should be able to tell which Great Tiger is real and which is a mere phantom just by looking at them. Once you’ve identified the genuine article, prepare to lean to the same side that he is approaching from in order to dodge the slashing uppercut that’s about to come your way.

    Don Flamenco
    The Major Circuit champion has all kinds of moves in his locker designed to leave you dazed and confused. The trick is to remember what punch is coming based on his actions before he throws them. If he steps to your left, don’t dodge too quickly or you’ll return to your fighting stance just in time to taste a huge uppercut. On the other hand, if he backs up and says “toro”, you should prepare to get out of the way sharpish. Things get really tough once you manage to knock his precious toupee off his head. The champ will chant “uno, dos, tres!” just before firing off three huge hooks. Dodge each of these by leaning to the left then crack his stomach with a quick hook to earn a Star Punch and send yourself firmly on the path to Major Circuit glory.

    Aran Ryan
    Your first foray into World Circuit competition can be intimidating. Aran Ryan is anything but conventional, but that doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable. Dodging punches then firing your own isn’t the key to victory here. Instead, you’ll need to make sure your shots land just before his in order to open him up. If you need help timing your punches, just make sure you’re ready to strike when the flailing Irishman turns red for a split second.

    Soda Popinski
    Sneaky Soda Popinski likes a quick drink during fights to recover health. In order to stop him from doing so, you’ll need to pay attention to what hand his precious elixir is in and smash the bottle he’s clutching by jabbing to the relevant side (earning yourself a Star Punch in the process). He attacks with a wide range of dangerous punches, so get ready to dodge - a lot. You can earn another Star Punch by sneaking in a shot of your own just as he’s about to throw his left jab. You’ll know when it’s coming by his backward step and a sound like rushing wind. Be careful though; you’ll only have about a second to process what’s coming and react. Dodging is always safer!

    Bald Bull 
    What do Bald Bull and Glass Joe have in common? Well, not very much – except that they are both susceptible to one-punch knockdowns. If you can master the art of dodging this raging Bull’s variety of punches for long enough, you’ll soon experience his full wrath in the form of a frantic charge. When he walks back across the ring and snorts like a newly unfettered beast, get ready to dig a quick body shot into his stomach. Time it wrong and you’ll be settling down for 40 winks. Get it right, and you’ll be watching another legend of the ring crumpling at your feet.

    Super Macho Man
    Taking Super Macho Man down a peg or two isn’t only a satisfying feeling; it’s also your ticket to a world title shot. Getting off to a good start will depend on knowing if he’s about to throw a quick uppercut or trying to trick you by delaying his punch slightly. If the Hollywood hopeful steps to your left and says “Crunch!”, be prepared to quickly lean to the left. If he moves to the right with his gloves held together, wait a second before dodging to your right. His most dangerous attack will come late in the fight and sees him spinning round like a wild windmill (signified by a call of “Super Macho Man!”). You’ll have to time your ducks to perfection to avoid being flattened. If you want a precious Star Punch during the bout (which you should), just plant one on him when he strikes a pose.

    Mr. Sandman
    So here it is; your big chance to be world champ! Mr. Sandman has a massive array of punches, many of which seem to come without warning, and all of which will do serious damage if they connect. As with every fighter you’ve faced, you’ll need to take some time to figure out the pattern of their punches and react accordingly. But perhaps the best tip with Mr. Sandman is to fight fire with fire. If you can master the art of landing your punches before he can throw his, you’ll actually uncover a range of ways to earn Star Punches. As scary as it is, attack might just be the best form of defence in the biggest fight of your career. Well, the biggest fight so far. You never know what’s around the corner...