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    Secrets of New Super Mario Bros. Wii revealed

    Rescuing Princess Peach in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a tall order. With an army of Bowser’s loyal followers standing in your path and all manner of pitfalls to negotiate, it takes a special hero to get the job done.

    If you’ve found yourself falling slightly short in Mario’s latest adventure up until now, have no fear. Our Games Support section now includes some helpful New Super Mario Bros. Wii tips, including info on how to stock up on some much needed 1-Up Mushrooms, where to find carefully concealed Warp Cannons and how to tackle some of the game’s bothersome bosses.

    A whole new world
    There are no shortage of exciting Worlds to explore in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but if you have the urge to quickly get from one World to another, there is a way.

    Warp Cannons are the ultimate mode of transport for adventurers who simply don’t have time for sightseeing, blasting Mario quickly to a distant destination. Warp Cannons will become accessible on the Map Screen for a particular World if you find the Hidden Goal on certain courses. Here’s where you can find three such Hidden Goals to fast-track your progress:

    World 1-3
    Towards the end of World 1-3, you’ll happen across three platforms in an area littered with Koopa Troopas and Goombas (just to the right of a Piranha Plant in a yellow Pipe). Above those platforms and to the right is a very small grass ledge that has a vertical surface in front of it reaching to the top of the screen. If you jump up to this ledge whilst riding Yoshi, then jump up again whilst holding right on the +Control Pad, you’ll find yourself positioned at the very top of the game screen. Run right a little to access a secret Pipe leading to the Hidden Goal and gaining you access to a Warp Cannon that leads straight to World 5.  

    World 2-6
    To access the Hidden Goal at the end of World 2-6, you’ll need to make sure you’ve picked up the Propeller Suit earlier in the Course. At one point, you’ll find yourself on a pink and white rotating cube that runs to the end of its path then continues to spin. Performing a Spin Jump up and to the left will reveal a red Pipe. Head up there to track down the Hidden Goal and gain access to a Warp Cannon also leading to World 5. 

    World 3 – Ghost House
    This spooky setting is home to all kinds of strange goings-on, but it’s also your one way ticket from World 3 to World 6. At one point, you’ll find yourself guiding Mario along an overhead rope as Boos close in from either side. When you reach a moving yellow platform, simply drop onto it then jump down again to find a hidden platform and door. Through this door is an elevator style platform that moves downward through an area infested by Boos that close in from either side. Make it safely through, however, and you’ll find the Hidden Goal and open the way to the Warp Cannon on the World 3 Map Screen.

    An extra lease of life
    There’s nothing quite like the feeling of grabbing a precious 1-Up Mushroom. But how would you like to rack up an infinite supply of extra lives for your journey? If you can pull this little trick off, you’ll soon find yourself in excellent shape for the adventure ahead as you quickly accumulate maximum 1-Ups!

    Right at the end of World 2-3, you’ll come through a pipe and find yourself in front of a kind of stone staircase with a Koopa Troopa making its way down towards you. Jump onto any step of the huge rock, and wait until the Koopa Troopa is on the next step up. Jump up and onto the Koopa Troopa to send him into his shell and cause him to ricochet off the wall. If you time it right, you shouldn’t need to press any more buttons as your character continuously drops onto the rapidly moving shell and claims one 1-Up after another. If you get it wrong the first time, simply throw the unwanted Koopa shell off the right of the screen, walk left then return to the steps for another try. Easy? Try it and find out!

    Bashing Bowser’s Minions
    Bowser’s minions Larry, Morton, Iggy, Wendy, Lemmy, Roy and Ludwig are seven enemies you’ll have to do combat with at some point on your journey through New Super Mario Bros. Wii. But with some impeccable timing and a bit of bravery, there’s a way to make short work of each and every one of them.

    Each of Bowser’s Minions can be defeated by jumping on them three times, but the problem is the attack patterns they adopt between each of your successful strikes. You can make life much easier on yourself if, after your first successful attack, you can time your next jump so that you hit the particular minion you’re battling the moment they reappear from their shell. This way they’ll never actually get round to performing their preferred offensive techniques, and you’ll only be a hop, skip and jump away from victory.

    Just pay close attention to how long each of them stays in their shells after you hit them though, as all seven of these tricky opponents come with individual attack patterns.

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