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    New Challenges

    If you've been playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii for a while now, it could very well be that you've sent Bowser and his minions packing and bagged every single Star Coin hidden throughout the game. If so, congratulations! You can definitely call yourself a decent New Super Mario Bros. Wii player.

    "Decent?!" you might ask. Yes, indeed, because you can't very well call yourself a true expert before trying on some advanced challenges for size...

    Click here to go to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Challenges website and try your hand at Speed, Technique and Multiplayer Challenges that will test your skills to the limit!

    Each challenge is marked with a difficulty level and the website contains some helpful videos to get you started. There are 40 challenges waiting for you in total and we've included a printable PDF so you can keep track of the ones you've managed to complete.