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    General game tips

    You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Captain Olimar. The second he returns from his adventures at the end of the first Pikmin game, he’s ordered to turn right around and return to the creature-infested planet he just escaped from!

    This time, however, he’s sent to search for precious scrap, and is joined on his mission by fellow explorer, Louie.

    With no pressing 30 day limit to restrict the duo, you might think their adventure will be little more than a walk in the park. If so, think again! There is still all kinds of danger lurking on the planet’s surface – and even more to be found beneath it!

    Read our game tips to help you make the most of the Pikmin under your command and the new-found ability to take charge of both Olimar and Louie.

    Take your pik
    There are no shortage of challenges barring the progress of Olimar and Louie on their salvage mission, but it’s comforting to know that help is at hand. Combining their leadership skills with the unique attributes of the five kinds of Pikmin under their control ensures there’s no job too big to tackle.

    Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin make a welcome return in the second Pikmin game in the series, but there are also two more varieties to discover – each one offering an indispensable set of new talents to work with. 

    White Pikmin: Only found in the caves beneath the planet’s surface, White Pikmin are both poisonous and resistant to poison. Their toxic attributes make them perfect for specific tasks – like defeating the poisonous Munge Dweevil or rendering the poison traps found above ground redundant.

    Purple Pikmin: Strong enough to carry the weight of 10 other Pikmin, Purple Pikmin are the brawn of your operation. It’s wise to leave them in the ground until they reach the Flower Pikmin stage; otherwise you’ll notice just how slow their extra weight makes them. It’s also advisable to keep Purple Pikmin away from the mouths’ of enemy creatures. They will do more damage when thrown on an enemy’s back – and are far too precious to end up as some hungry beast’s lunch!

    Double impact
    The opportunity to control both Olimar and Louie in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin 2 provides a wealth of new strategic opportunities. You should take advantage of the multitasking opportunities this presents as often as possible – sending Olimar and one group of Pikmin off to perform one job while Louie and his sidekicks set about another.

    It’s also good to keep in mind the fact that both captains aren’t completely dependent on Pikmin in combat situations. Especially in underground caves, you should consider using Olimar and Louie’s punching power to bring down enemies whenever possible in order to preserve your limited Pikmin stocks. Just remember to retreat to a safe distance after landing a blow, because most of the creatures you strike will react rather angrily! Collecting a certain treasure that can be found on Sublevel 5 of the Frontier Cavern (in the Valley of Repose) will enhance this attacking option even more by enabling Olimar and Louie to perform a special attack combo.

    In certain levels, like the Subterranean Complex (Valley of Repose), you can also take advantage of Olimar and Louie’s punching power to detonate bombs. In situations where the path ahead is littered with explosives, leave one captain and all your Pikmin behind then lead another out to clear the way and avoid unnecessary Pikmin loss later on.

    Whatever sticky situations you find yourself in during your travels, always remember to ask whether division of labour might make life that little bit easier!


    Deeper underground
    A large chunk of your playing time in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin 2 will be spent out of direct sunlight in the caves that lie beneath the planet’s surface. And in case you didn’t already know, it’s dangerous down there.

    Once inside, you’ll have to make your way through the cave’s many levels using only the Pikmin that you took in with you. Such knowledge should prompt you to carefully pick your team of Pikmin based on the advance warnings you get about what lies in the caves. If there are countless fire hazards, take more Red Pikmin. If there’s swimming to be done, consider having a few more Blue Pikmin around.

    Above all though, you’ll have to avoid being careless in battle. Creatures lurk at every turn in the shadows, and recklessly setting your entire troupe on them will prove to be a regrettable decision as you delve deeper underground and realise that there are even bigger battles to overcome. Always think carefully about the best strategy for defeating enemies, and use as few Pikmin as you possibly can to get the job done.


    Fit for battle
    The 2-Player Battle mode in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin 2 gives you and your friends a chance to prove who has the ultimate command over the Pikmin placed in their care. If you want to be recognised as the greatest captain of them all, there are a few basics you should be sure to brush up on.

    Firstly, try to make sure you amass the biggest collection of Pikmin you can, and try to do it fast! Use the Pellet Posys close to your base to get started, and defeat any weaker enemies that are nearby before carrying them back to base to boost your Pikmin numbers. Just don’t go getting caught up in early scraps with tough enemies that could wipe out your army before it’s even off the ground!

    Other than your ill-intentioned opponent, the various enemies scattered around the map are the biggest barrier to your success. Thankfully, they’ll attack both you and your rival, so being smart in how you deal with them could give you a serious edge. For example, whenever your Pikmin are carrying items back to base, ensure you put yourself in the firing line and distract enemies so that they focus their attention on you instead of those precious Pikmin.

    There are times, however, when it’s worth getting into a scrap with some of the enemies roaming the Battle Arenas. You never know when defeating one might actually yield one of the four yellow marbles needed to secure victory - but just be sure to assess how strong your forces are before taking any careless risks.


    Top secret stuff
    The following tips might not help you save Hocotate freight, but they’re fun nonetheless!

    Singing Pikmin: As if Pikmin weren’t cute enough, this little trick would melt the heart of a Ravenous Whiskerpillar! Arrange your Pikmin into five groups, each one containing 20 Pikmin of the same colour. Then set out for a stroll and listen as they sing a tune to lighten the burden of work.

    Louie’s secret: There’s much more to Louie than meets the eye. Discover the dark secret he hides by completing Challenge Mode with perfect performances in each arena. Every perfect performance is marked by a pink flower in the Challenge Mode overview screen.