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    Hints and tips

    You might think you can rightfully claim to be king of the jungle based on your antics in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Jungle Beat, but are you sure you’ve discovered every last secret that the game conceals?

    Read on to pick up a few insider insights that might just teach you something you didn’t already know about your sprawling domain!  On the other hand, if you’re more worried about getting past some of the game’s gargantuan bad guys than unearthing its secrets, take a look at our top tips for boss battles.

    Ape appreciation
    Isn’t it funny how friendly your enemies become when you’re king? If you successfully manage to unlock and overcome the massive Ghastly King, you can expect to see former foes Dread Kong, Karate Kong, Ninja Kong and Sumo Kong following behind you as the game’s closing credits roll. Unlocking Ghastly King will require you to clear the STAR FRUIT KINGDOM with 51 crests collected.

    Similarly, if you manage to collect all 72 of the game’s crests, the closing ceremony will show some alternate apes honouring your outstanding achievement.

    Finish with a flourish
    Striking the final blow in a boss battle is always a cause for celebration, but did you know that the manner in which Hog bosses collapse in a heap will be determined by your final strike? If you’re about to dispatch of Rogue-Hog, Mo-Hog, Bloat-Hog or Gloat-Hog, make your final blow with a melon instead of a good old fashioned punch (or visa versa) and you’ll see the beast checking out in a different style.

    Sounds of victory
    After collecting all 72 of the available crests in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, a new song will play on the game’s title screen to mark your outstanding achievement.

    Kit for a king
    You might already consider yourself king of the jungle, but collect 60 crests and all doubt will be removed as Donkey Kong dons a crown to make his coronation official.

    Boss battle tips
    Some of the breathtaking bosses in NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat are so huge you’d be forgiven for hiding behind the sofa when they appear. But with the right tactics, you should be able to overcome the odds and put these behemoths firmly in their place. Take a look at some top tips for defeating the various Roc, Hog and Tusk bosses you’ll encounter as you advance through the game’s many kingdoms.

    The Rocs
    You’ll fight these flying bird bosses in small arenas with one or more Helper Monkeys on hand to get you around. Grab onto the egg the Roc is carrying and then perform a drumming combo to get things cracking, repeating the action as many times as it takes to bring the bird down. Against later Rocs, you’ll need to start the attack sequence with a Clap Attack to stun the Roc before performing the drumming combo. You should also look out for the razor-sharp feathers the Rocs will fire your way. These can be destroyed with a quick Clap Attack.

    The Hogs
    As with the Rocs, battles against the Hogs see DK enjoying some assistance from strategically placed Helper Monkeys. As you battle the Hogs in the large arenas that house them, you’ll need to avoid the balls of electricity and fruit they throw your way. Once you get close enough, strike whatever Hog you’re fighting with a good solid punch. After they get hit, the Hogs will start to throw melons at Donkey Kong, which can be directed right back at them with a well-timed Clap Attack. As the Hog lies stunned, move in and execute a drumming combo to cause massive damage to your adversary.

    The Tusks
    It’s not every day you see huge mammoth-like beasts shooting lasers and fruit at you from their trunks, but there’s no need to panic! The key to victory against the Tusk bosses lies in good use of the pineapples that grow around the battle arena. Master the art of throwing the pineapples at just the right moment in order to lodge one in the Tusk’s trunk. Next time it attempts to shoot something at you, it will stun itself thanks to the blockage and leave itself open to attack. Launch as many pineapples as possible while the Tusk’s are stunned and repeat the action until the creatures are finally extinct.