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Battling bosses

Spoiler Warning: The following text reveals some of the boss enemies you will run into as you play METROID: Other M.

Brug Mass
Until your commanding officer approves the use of missiles, you’ll need to simply avoid this enemy’s attacks. Once your explosives are online, however, you should circle the Brug Mass and wait until you can get a clear shot of its solitary eye. Once that happens, switch to a first-person view and unload a well-aimed missile. Next, when the creature’s tentacles are frozen by your allies, blast them to bits before targeting the body of what is now a hopping mad enemy. Finish the job with another shot to the monster’s eye and congratulate yourself for downing your first boss!

This wormlike enemy will initially attack by coming out of the walls. Keep your wits about you and hit it with missiles before it can fire charged shots at you to bring it out into the open, then stand back and blast away at it until you are presented with a clear shot at its underside. When that happens, launch a Lethal Strike to end the battle. A second Sandfang will then appear, this time proving more difficult to hit with missiles. Stick to your guns and repeat the process though and you’ll soon be on your way.

King Kihunter
The first line of defence against the king is an army of wasp-like insects. Keep on the move and dispatch of these with charged shots of your Diffusion Beam. With the first wave of creatures gone, you’ll have time to destroy some of the five pods hanging from the ceiling. To do so, enter the first-person view and fire missiles when the pods fire at you. Carry on with this pattern of attack until all the pods are destroyed then set about consigning the King Kihunter to extinction with a few missile blasts.

Mystery Creature
Pinned to the ground, this first-person battle sees you restricted to aiming your reticule and fighting off your foe with well-aimed blasts. Start by keeping your sights trained on the creature’s tail, firing at it to avoid being speared. For the rest of the incoming attacks, time missile strikes to your enemy’s face to send it packing.

Why fight fire with fire when you’ve got ice in your arsenal? Avoid Goyagma’s huge claw and aim for the red spot on its body with your Ice Beam – a process that will eventually freeze the area and leave it weakened for a missile attack. Perform this sequence twice then use your Ice Beam to freeze the behemoth’s claw. Once that’s done, use Overblast to deal maximum damage. Again, repeat this final sequence for as long as it takes to render your foe truly burned out.

RB176 Ferrocrusher
Start off by giving this huge robotic monstrosity a cold shoulder with a charge shot from your Ice Beam. Once the shoulder joint is encased in ice, home in on the area with missiles to destroy the Ferrocrusher’s arm altogether. Repeat these actions for both arms and then prepare for the machine to attack with sudden bursts forward. These lunging attacks can be avoided with Sensemove, which you’ll have to combine with further shots from your Ice Beam to literally stop the Ferrocrusher in its tracks. When the machine’s blue metallic weak spots are revealed, fire missiles at will to round off this battle.

The heat is on as you battle to take out Vorash – a process that you should begin by aiming for the obvious weak spots on the monster’s head and body. When it opens its mouth wide, employ the Grapple Beam to haul it towards you – eventually aiming missiles at its belly once it becomes exposed. Vorash will then retreat and attack all over again, but with this process mastered, you’re on to a winner.