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    General game tips

    Drawn to a campsite on the trail of a cryptic summons by her woefully absent father, Ashley finds herself thrown into the heart of a new mystery: one which will shed light on her mother’s murder and delve into a past that some would rather remained hidden. If you’re stuck and need some general help with some lost memories, read on…
    You’ll never believe what I heard
    Sometimes the way forward depends on information uncovered in the course of conversations with other characters. To get the full story and avoid missing any important clues, you should chat like crazy. If you’re talking to someone and a new subject becomes available, ask every question you can – you never know when the next step will become clear just through talking.
    The camera never lies
    If you see someone doing something suspicious or being somewhere they blatantly shouldn’t be, it doesn’t hurt to take a little photographic evidence to show to the authorities later.
    Leave no stone unturned and no desk unrifled
    One of the most important things to bear in mind for Another Code: R is that you should examine your surroundings as carefully as you can, explore as far as your feet will take you at all times and drink in every space you set foot in. Whenever you enter a new place, investigate literally everything: open drawers, cupboards and blinds, check photographs, skim scraps of paper and read any books you can. Ensure you look at things from every available angle, by facing Ashley in different directions or by turning items over in 3D space in your inventory menu.  Always a girl of necessity, Ash won’t just pick up every item she comes across, she will exclusively pick up things she thinks are useful for the task at hand. As such, a thorough knowledge of ‘what can be found where’ will make your life easier when a previously overlooked bit of window dressing becomes exactly what you need to solve a puzzle.
    Try something different
    Sometimes Ashley can’t interact directly with an object but can use the controls, a switch, or something else in the scene to move it instead. If you think you know what you need to achieve but nothing’s happening, try interacting with the object in a different way or searching elsewhere in that area.
    Take a photo of anywhere that you explore where there doesn’t seem to be any way forward or anything obviously forthcoming about the location at that time. If you get stuck later on, go back to your photo collection and see if anything takes on a different meaning in light of the information you’ve collected since you snapped the shot.
    Get to know your hardware
    You’ll need to use almost every function of the Wii Remote to solve the mystery of Another Code: R. Throughout the game you’ll need to solve puzzles using the TAS, so it’s highly beneficial to familiarise yourself with all the buttons on your Wii Remote and their proper names.
    Software upgrades
    Your DAS is a nifty bit of kit and as the story progresses it only gets cooler, but it can be all too easy to forget about the snazzy new stuff it can do. Check back on newly unlocked features whenever you get stuck for some snifter of a clue. Remember (just like your TAS) it’s regularly helpful when it comes to infiltration of ‘off-limits’ facilities.
    The great explorer
    Check back on previously impassable areas of the map regularly - as the plot progresses, more areas of Lake Juliet will become available for you to explore.
    The next big thing
    If you’re wandering around with a friend and you’re unsure where to go next, talk to your partner and see where they want to investigate, often your needs will coincide.
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    When a certain somebody starts running a fever it’ll fall to Ashley to brew something medicinal, for which you’ll be needing some safe, clear, mineral-rich water. As we know there’s something suspect about the lake waters and no doubt that puddle too. Your best bet is a fast flowing stream. Wasn’t there one of those near the Shack?
    All along the Clock Tower?
    When you’re trying to solve the mystery of the Clock Tower bear the following in mind:  a) you’ll need to read the diary in the room downstairs and heed the words written there carefully b) the superimpose function of your DAS camera is required to solve this puzzle and c) just overlaying the photographs isn’t enough, you’ll need to tilt the photos so that a certain hour is pointed to by the clock hand to show the number of times to turn each key.