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    Take Aim at a Super Score!

     The eco-friendly gameplay seems simple on the surface, but there are all sorts of hidden techniques to rack up a higher score. Here are a few handy hints!

    Aerial Strike!

    If you shoot a can, it’ll fly through the air. Keep on hitting it while it’s airborne and you can double or even triple the score you earn when it’s destroyed!


    Keep hitting the target without wasting a shot and you’ll earn a Multi-Hit! Your HIT count will go up and you could earn bonuses! What will you get if you rack up 50 HITs…?

    Target Those Weak Points!

    Each enemy has a weak point you can hit to take them out in a single shot. Wasp-shaped foes have a vulnerable spot on their bodies where their wings are attached, while you

    should take aim at the largest can on the body of caterpillar enemies. Bosses have their own weak spots, so target these to make short work of them.

    Enemies Change As Your Score Increases?

    The type of enemy, as well as the number that appear on screen, vary depending on your current score. When you have a high score, more enemies will appear and they're more likely to be foes that are worth more points!

    Uncover Hidden Enemies!

    There are enemies lurking in all sorts of places you'd never suspect at first glance. By moving the pointer, you'll be able to uncover these hidden enemies!

    530 Points Max!

    The score you'll earn when you blast an enemy varies depending on their type, colour and where they appeared. The highest score you can earn is 530 points! Why not try combining aerial strikes with multi-hits to rack up a super score?