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    Repair and Store Returns

    If you are experiencing a problem with your Wii console we DO NOT recommend you return it to the store. Here's why:

    Wii has two types of data that are tied to your specific Wii console:

    • The internal Wii System Memory stores your photos, game save data, messages, address book, etc.
    • The Wii Shop Channel Account is tied to your specific hardware which contains the licences for your downloaded games, and your account transaction history.

    None of this information can be recovered if you return your Wii to the store, and Wii Shop Channel transactions are non-transferable and non-refundable. Returning your Wii console to the store without formatting your Wii System Memory or Wii Shop Account account could allow others to see information (e.g., photos, messages, address book) that is tied to your Wii console.

    If you are experiencing problems with your Wii, please visit our Online Troubleshooting or call Customer Services on the number given in our Contact section. If troubleshooting doesn't resolve your problem, Nintendo has fast and convenient repair options avalable.

    If none of this applies to you and you still choose to return your Wii to the store, please refer to the Wii manual for more information on how to Format Wii System Memory.