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    Information for Parents

    Welcome to the Parents' section. This area is dedicated to addressing the specific questions parents may have. In this section you will find detailed information about:

    Important Wii Console Privacy Information
    Through your Wii console you will be able to participate in a variety of games and activities, some of which will be online. In order to protect your family's privacy, please read the recommendations in this section.

    Parental Controls
    This section outlines how you can control what Wii content is accessible to your child.

    Repair and Store Return
    This section explains why you should not return your Wii console to the store, and provides information on troubleshooting and repair options for your Wii console.

    Safety Precautions
    While playing video games is generally a safe and fun activity, there are some precautions parents should be aware of. This section provides you with Safety Precautions for Wii.

    Wii User Agreement and Privacy Policy
    If you have questions or concerns about online privacy, viewing the Wii End User License Agreement, or other legal- and privacy-related issues, click here for more information.

    To request more information, please contact Nintendo Consumer Service.