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    Wii U GamePad notifications

    Wii U GamePad notifications inform you about newly-received software, promotions, and other special content sent by Nintendo, that can be received by the Wii U GamePad while the Wii U console is powered down.

    When a notification is received, a ringtone sounds and the message is displayed on the GamePad. The volume is independent of the Wii U GamePad volume, and can be changed in System Settings.

    Received notifications can also be checked later on the Quick Start screen. Please note that Wii U GamePad notifications are different from the Notifications that can be accessed from the Wii U Menu and HOME Menu.

    Wii U GamePad notification settings can be changed within "System Settings", then "Power Settings".

    Wii U system software version 5.0.0E or later is required to use this feature. Please visit our System Updates section for more information about system updates.