Using the support section

If you are looking for support for a specific system, there are several ways to do that on the official Nintendo website.

Using the navigation

You start by accessing the support section in the main navigation. On the overview page, you can select the most recent systems in the sub navigation, or any system for which a support section is present among the images at the top. You can click on the left and right arrows to find the system of your choice.


On the overview page for each system, you'll find a line of icons right below the system image. These icons lead you deeper into the support section for the related system. Common icons are those for FAQ, Troubleshooting, Connecting Online and Manuals & Documents.


Once you have selected a specific topic, you're usually presented with a deeper navigation on the left side, to further specify your quest. If you have selected FAQ for example, you could be asked to specify if your question is related to hardware, software, or accessories.

Accessing the most popular topics

For the most recent systems, the overview pages will show you topics or tutorial videos that are often visited by other people. It could be that the reason you are visiting the support section for this system is related to these topics as well. Simply select the topic you are interested in, and you'll be brought to the related page directly.


Using the search

On the support overview page, you'll find a search field that enables you to exclusively search the complete support section for a specific key word or phrase. Simply type something and select "Search" or press Enter.

On the search results page, orden your results by "Relevance" and you will find the page that matches your search best at the top. You have the option to further filter your results using the tab system at the top. Click here for more information about using the search feature on the official Nintendo website.

Watching tutorial videos

For a few topics, Nintendo prepared tutorial videos. These can be found on the overview pages of the most recent systems, or directly from the sub navigation of the Support section. These videos will simply show you more information about specific features of our systems.