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    Using the website navigation

    There are two ways to navigate the official European Nintendo website. You can use the navigation at the top, or the navigation at the bottom.

    The navigation at the top enables you to access the most popular sections of our website straight away. If you are using a computer to surf, the sub sections of each of the main navigation elements will appear when you put your mouse on it. This will enable you to access a sub section of the website directly.

    If you venture deeper into the website, you will notice that the navigation for deeper levels appears on the left side. Selecting any of these sections will bring you to the top of that section.

    A second way of navigating our website is using the links at the bottom of each page. These allow you direct access to relevant sections that are not part of the navigation at the top. In certain sections of the website, the left column will change, based on the section you are in.