Using the search functionality

You search for content on the Nintendo website at the top right of every page. Simply type the preferred key word or phrase and select the search icon, or press Enter. This will bring you to a page with search results, which can be ordered by relevance, name or date. Sorting by relevance will display pages with titles that are close to your search phrase first. Searching by name orders results by alphabet, and sorting by date will use release dates for games and news dates for news articles.


The search page offers many possibilities to refine your search. The default search scans the complete website for results. At the top right of the search results, you can limit your results by selecting only a specific part of the website. Selecting only a specific part will display further filter options that are relevant for that part only. These filter options display in several tabs, and by accessing these tabs you can add several different search filters.


After making your selection, simply select "Confirm" below to update your results. Selecting " Games " for example, allows you to further filter the results by system, age rating, release date or specific features. If you are looking for Nintendo 3DS games which you can play with 4 people, and offer Mii support, this information is only a few clicks away. If you have set too many filters and receive no results at all, simply untick a few boxes or completely clear your selection by selecting the corresponding button at the bottom of any of the tabs.