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    What can I restrict with Parental Controls?

    You can tailor your child's Wii system to suit their age using flexible Parental Controls. You can switch off as few or as many features as you desire to suit you and your child: for a young child, you might choose to prevent access to many functions, while individual features can be disabled without locking down the entire system for an older child.

    The following functions can be restricted using Parental Controls. It is possible to temporarily enable functions for a single use by entering the parental PIN code when prompted. Please note that Parental Controls do not affect Nintendo GameCube software.

    Game Rating – Restricts the usage of Wii software by age rating. This setting also restricts the purchase of Wii software through the Wii Shop Channel by age rating.

    Internet Channel – If you have downloaded the Opera browser (subject to availability) via the Wii Shop Channel, it is possible to allow or restrict use of the browser.

    Use of Wii Points – This setting controls the use of Wii Points, which are used to purchase download software from the Wii Shop Channel. If this setting is enabled, users will be required to enter the parental PIN code in order to use Wii Points to download software from the Wii Shop Channel. This does not restrict the purchase of Wii Points or the downloading of free software.

    If Parental Controls are applied and a user attempts to play or download content that exceeds the Parental Controls setting, the user will be prompted to enter the Parental Controls PIN to temporarily disable the Parental Controls. The PIN will be necessary each time a user tries to access restricted content.