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    Online possibilities

    It's possible to connect to the Internet to enjoy several functions on Nintendo systems, from online multiplayer to communication services that connect players all over the world.


    Your child can connect with their friends using the friend list on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems, which allows them to find familiar faces quickly and enjoy games safely.

    Digital content can also be purchased from Nintendo eShop, including download software and downloadable videos. As well as download-only games, it is also possible to purchase downloadable versions of packaged software and download free software with the registration of a Nintendo Network ID.

    If you are uncomfortable with your child connecting online on their Nintendo system, it is possible to partially or fully restrict online functionality using Parental Controls.

    In this section, you can read more about:

    • The online features of Nintendo systems
    • How to keep your child safe online on Nintendo systems

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