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    Games overview

    Whether they're playing alone or with friends and family, you can find games to suit any child's needs or interests on Nintendo systems! Games can also offer a safe environment to test rules, gain new experiences or provide opportunities for communication.


    Games can be enjoyed by anybody, no matter what their skill level – it's just a matter of finding the type of game that your child likes and working out what's suitable for them! You can find out more about the types available on Nintendo systems in this section!


    Nintendo products can be purchased at most retail shops that sell games, and many online retailers sell Nintendo products too, including the Nintendo Official UK Store. In addition, many games can be purchased as digital downloads via Nintendo eShop. As well as download versions of disc-based games, Nintendo eShop is also home to many download-only titles which are often offered at lower "pocket-money prices".

    In this section, you can read more about:

    • The types of games that are available
    • How to determine if a game is suitable for your child
    • Games that can be played together

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