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    Games for all occasions

    There's a wide range of games available for Nintendo systems, from action titles that require quick reactions, multiplayer titles that encourage co-operation and competition with others and puzzle titles that put problem-solving skills to the test. No matter what your child's skill level or preferences are, Nintendo systems have games to suit everybody – and there's a type of game to suit every mood, too!


    When it's time for peaceful, thought-provoking play time, puzzle games can be a brainteasing treat, strategy titles can encourage wider thinking and forward planning, while simulation games can even offer them the chance to build their own world and set their own rules. Educational software can supplement and reinforce subjects that they've learnt about in school, too.


    Children looking for all-new experiences might find them in lifestyle titles, including music, health and fitness, cooking and animal-based games. If they're feeling particularly adventurous, it's possible to get started on foreign languages with some games!


    Role-playing games (RPGs) and adventure titles are perfect when your child is in the mood to explore and discover new worlds, filled with people of different backgrounds, and become absorbed in deeper narratives. Role-playing games also often include plenty of teamwork, as players must build well-rounded teams that can deal with any situation – often in battle!


    On the other hand, if they're looking to jump into fun quickly, platformers, action titles and arcade games often offer easy entry gameplay that can be played in shorter blasts. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're all simple to play, though – many of these titles require good hand-eye co-ordination! Accurate jumping is necessary to reach the goal at the end of the stage in many platformers, for example, while great focus is needed to dodge and attack enemies during fast-paced shooter arcade games.


    It's easy to play sports and racing games in long or short sessions too, so these are great types of games to look at when your child fancies some friendly competition!


    Finally, when the whole family's together, it can be fun to settle down to play a party game or a board game together. These titles are often great fun in multiplayer with friends or family, and encourage competition – and if you're lucky, maybe even a little co-operation! They're also often filled with variety, such as different minigames.