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    What are these 'active games' I hear about, and are they good for my child?


    Wii introduced a whole new interactive way of playing and enjoying video games. The Wii Remote offers intuitive control for anyone using physical motion. In many Wii games, players become immersed in the game by mimicking the actual motions needed to control their character on the screen. You can play tennis in Wii Sports by swinging the Wii Remote like a real tennis racket, or hold the Wii Remote while dancing to play a game like Just Dance.

    Combined with a Balance Board, the Wii Remote can even be used to take part in exercises in a title such as Wii Fit. However, the Wii Remote reponds to minor movements, so excessive and forceful actions are not necessary.

    Please ensure all players use the wrist strap to help prevent losing their grip on the Wii Remote and causing damage to the Wii Remote, surrounding objects or players.