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    What Can I Block With Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch?

    Parents can use the on-device settings or the more extensive Nintendo Switch Parental Controls application (available for free on iOS and Android devices) to set various restrictions for Nintendo Switch. Additionally, restrictions on Nintendo eShop purchases can be set through the parent / guardian’s Nintendo Account.

    For help setting up or adjusting the parental controls for your Nintendo Switch console, click here.

    The following features or settings can be restricted through Parental Controls:

    Categories Nintendo Switch system Nintendo Switch Parental Controls
    (smart device app)
    Nintendo Account
    Software ratings (by age)
    Posting to social media
    Communication with others
    Set play-time limits
    View play activity
    Set Nintendo eShop restrictions

    Additionally, the Parental Controls PIN will automatically be required when initialising the system and when adjusting some of the System Settings (date / time changes, deleting a user, etc).