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Unable to Place an Order for the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller


  • An issue occurs that does not allow you to order the NES Controller.

Additional Information:

  • The NES Controller is available exclusively to Nintendo Account holders in Europe with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  • The offer is limited to one per Nintendo Account.
  • The NES controller cannot be ordered using a child account.
  • For additional information about this offer, click here.

What to Do:

  • Verify that the Nintendo Account you are using meets each of the following requirements:
  • Make sure that you have not already used your Nintendo Account to order the NES Controller.
    • The offer is limited to one order per Nintendo Account.
    • If there are multiple people in your family membership group, each person can place one order.
    • You can check the email address associated to your Nintendo Account for a previous order confirmation from Nintendo.
  • If you haven’t already, follow these steps to try placing the order again.
  • Verify that there are enough funds available on your card to place the order.
  • Try using a different credit card.

Situation Not Resolved:

If the information above did not help resolve your issue, please contact us for additional assistance.