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The software isn't working, or it doesn't launch when I select its icon.

Is the game card for this software inserted?

  • Please make sure the game card is inserted.

Inserting the game card

Is this software restricted by Parental Controls?

  • You will need to adjust or lift the restriction in the Parental Controls settings.

Parental Controls

Is the software archived?

  • Please redownload the software from Nintendo eShop.

Archiving software

Have you unlinked your user from your Nintendo Account?

  • To purchase software on Nintendo eShop, your user must be linked with a Nintendo Account. Your purchase records are tied to your Nintendo Account, so if you unlink your Nintendo Account, you will no longer be able to use any software purchased with it. Please link one of the users on your Nintendo Switch console to that Nintendo Account in order to gain access to the software again.

Is this console registered as the active console for downloads for your Nintendo Account?

  • In order for you to play software downloaded from Nintendo eShop on this console, it needs to be registered as the active console for downloads for your Nintendo Account.

About your active console for downloads

Have you removed the microSD card on which this software is saved?

  • Insert the microSD card on which the software is saved, or redownload it from Nintendo eShop.

The software data may be corrupted.

  • Open System Settings from the HOME Menu, then select Data Management ⇒ Software. Next, choose the software that won't start and then select "Check for Corrupt Data".