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The Nintendo Switch console is going into sleep mode or turning off on its own.

Has the console been left alone for a while with no input?

  • The console might have automatically gone into sleep mode to conserve energy. If a set amount of time goes by with no input, the console will go into auto-sleep mode. By default, the console is set to enter auto-sleep mode after an hour in TV mode or ten minutes in handheld mode.

    You can change the auto-sleep settings by opening System Settings ⇒ Sleep Mode on the HOME Menu.

Is the console out of battery?

Has a play time limit been set using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app?

Is there dust in the console's air intake or air vent?

Is the console in a place that might grow hot, or on top of some kind of audiovisual equipment?

  • Make sure not to leave the console in a place where it might get too hot, as it will automatically go into sleep mode if it overheats. The console may not turn on if dust has gathered in its air intake and/or air vent. If this happens, please contact Nintendo Customer Support.

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