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    Game Read Issues, Including Error Message: The Game Card Is Not Inserted (Only Has One Game)


    • If another game card is unavailable to duplicate the issue, it is not possible to verify if the problem is with the console or with the game card.
    • If it all possible, we strongly recommend testing your console using a second game card.

    What to do

    After having tested with another game card, and:

    • If the issue also happens with the second game card, the console will need to come in for evaluation. Please do not send in the game cards. Please click here to begin the repair process.
    • If the issue only happens with one game card, it is likely that the game card is problematic. The game card can be replaced by the retailer where you have purchased it, if purchased less than 30 days ago. Nintendo does not provide any warranty for game cards and game cards cannot be repaired.