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    Download Does Not Progress While in Sleep Mode

    The information in this article can help if you are trying to download content to your Nintendo Switch console while it is in sleep mode, but the download does not appear to begin or progress.

    Software and DLC can be downloaded to your Nintendo Switch console while it is in sleep mode as long as it is connected to the internet and there is sufficient space in the system memory or on an inserted microSD card. Downloads can also be initiated from your PC or smart device while the console is in sleep mode.

    What to do

    1. Ensure that your console has the latest system version.
    2. Restart the console by holding down the POWER Button for at least 3 seconds, then selecting Power Options and Restart.
    3. Confirm your console has an active internet connection.
      • If you are connected to your wireless router over Wi-Fi, make sure that the console remains in range of the router when it is placed in sleep mode and that there is no metal or electronic equipment between the console and the router.
    4. If you are connected to the internet via a wired (LAN) connection, go to System Settings and select Sleep Mode, then enable the setting “Maintain Wired Connection in Sleep Mode”.
    5. Verify the current amount of storage space on your Nintendo Switch console. If you do not have enough space to complete the download, follow our options to expand the available memory or free up currently used storage space.

    Situation not resolved

    Try completing the download with your console on and out of sleep mode. If the issue persists when the console is not in sleep mode, follow our steps for when Download of Software or Update Data is Stuck.