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    The Kart Does Not Turn Correctly or Turns on Its Own (Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit)

    The information in this article can help you when the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kart does not turn correctly or when it seems to turn on its own.

    Note: When the kart is in motion (forward or reverse), you can make it turn left or right using the control sticks on the paired controller.

    Possible solutions

    • Calibrate the control sticks on the Joy-Con controller.

      If the control sticks work fine with other applications but not with the kart, try using a different Joy-Con.

    • Check the playing surface.

      Ensure the course is set up on a flat surface that is easy for the kart to run on. Avoid playing on thick carpet, slippery surfaces, or steep slopes.

    • Check for any objects caught on the tyres or on the wheel axle.

      Power off the kart by holding down the Ignition Button for a couple of seconds, then check for any objects caught in the tyres or wheel axle, such as pet hair. If there is any pet hair or other objects lodged on the tyres or on the wheel axle, you can remove the tyres and then remove any foreign objects.

      Gently turn the front tyres after reassembly and ensure they are able to move freely.

    • Check if steering assist is enabled.

      Steering assist is an in-game feature that automatically turns the steering wheel so that the kart runs along the course. While racing, press the + Button and open the Options Menu.

      • Steering assist is enabled when the wheel icon has a yellow-coloured arrow marker above it. Press the Y Button on the Joy-Con to disable it and check if this resolves the issue.
    • Check the in-game items you are using.

      When you use items like the Chain Chomp or Bullet Bill, it temporarily restricts kart operations. Check whether the kart can be operated without issue when there are no items in effect.

    • Initialise the kart.

      When the kart is not responding correctly, you can initialise it, then pair it again and see if this resolves the issue.

    Situation not resolved

    If the issue persists after following the aforementioned troubleshooting, the kart will need to be repaired.

    Please click here for support.