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Data Management

Here's an introduction to the types of data that can be saved on Nintendo Switch and the different ways you can manage that data.

Types of data

  • Software data
  • Save data
  • Screenshots taken using the Capture Button

What is software data?

Software data includes downloadable versions of software, downloadable content and update data. It doesn't include save data.

Save destinations for data

The data mentioned above can be saved in the following locations:

  • The console's system memory
  • A microSD card

The possible save destinations differ depending on the type of data.

  • Software data/screenshots
    This data is saved to a microSD card if one is inserted and will be saved to the system memory if the microSD card is full.
    • You can select a save destination for screenshots via System Settings ⇒ Data Management ⇒ Save Data/Screenshots ⇒ Manage Screenshots.


  • Save data
    This data is saved in the console's system memory.
    Even if you are playing the retail version of a game, this data will not be saved to the game card. It cannot be saved to a microSD card either.