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    Splatoon 2 DLC Special Offer - FAQ

    Players with a 12-Month Nintendo Switch Online membership will receive a code for an exclusive in-game outfit in Splatoon 2.


    What is the special offer for Splatoon 2 DLC?

    • Everyone with a 12-Month membership to Nintendo Switch Online will receive a download code that can be redeemed for an exclusive in-game outfit in Splatoon 2.
    • For players in a family membership, everyone in the family group will get their own code (up to 8 codes per family group).

    Is this offer available to members with an Individual 1-Month or 3-Month membership?

    Only players that have purchased a 12-Month membership qualify for this offer.

    How will the download codes be distributed?

    Download codes for the exclusive in-game outfit will be sent to the Nintendo Account e-mail address of every qualifying member.

    When will I receive my code?

    We began distributing codes on 3/10/18. It may take a little time for everyone to receive them.

    How long will this offer last?

    No end date has been sent for this special offer. Please visit www.nintendo.co.uk for updates and news about future offers and promotions.