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Software Displays “Purchased” in Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch

A specific game or DLC item shows “Purchased” in Nintendo eShop, but there is no option to redownload it.

What to Do:

  • This means that the product has already been purchased by a Nintendo Account on the same Nintendo Switch console. It can be redownloaded at no cost using the same Nintendo Account that originally purchased the product.
  • To redownload the product, follow the instructions below:
    1. Select "Nintendo eShop" on the HOME Menu to launch Nintendo eShop.
    2. Select the Nintendo Account that was originally used to purchase the product.
    3. Tap your user icon in the upper-right corner to access your Account Information.
    4. Highlight “Redownload”, then select the product in the list of previously purchased titles and tap the orange icon to redownload it.
  • If the product does not appear in the list of previously purchased titles, a different Nintendo Account was originally used to purchase the products. Try again with the other accounts linked to the console until you locate the one that was used to make the purchase.