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    How to Attach the Leg Strap Accessory

    In this article, you’ll learn how to attach the Joy-Con controller to the leg strap accessory for use with Ring Fit Adventure or Nintendo Switch Sports on Nintendo Switch.

    Note: The Leg Strap is designed for use with the Ring Fit Adventure and Nintendo Switch Sports games. The accessory is not compatible with other games or software.

    Complete these steps

    1. Insert the left Joy-Con firmly into the pocket on the leg strap with the control stick facing outwards.
    2. If playing Ring Fit Adventure, place the leg strap high on your left leg while sitting down, above the center of your thigh. If playing Nintendo Switch Sports, place the leg strap on the center of your thigh on the leg of your preference.
      • Make sure not to let it slip.
      • The top of the Joy-Con should be pointing towards your body.
    3. Wrap the leg strap around your thigh, then tighten the leg strap by pulling to the right side, but don’t over-tighten it.
    4. While still pulling, fasten the tip.
      • If the leg strap feels loose while standing, re-tighten the strap but don’t over-tighten it.
    5. img_switch_retightening_strap_on_left_thigh.jpg
    6. img_switch_leg_strap_attached_on_left_thigh.jpg