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    Refund for Downloaded Game or DLC (Wrong Game, Didn't Like Game, Accidental Purchase)

    We are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for mistaken purchases, and/or if you don't like the game.

    Also, when you purchase digital content in Nintendo eShop, at the time of your purchase, you consent to Nintendo beginning with the performance of its obligations immediately, before the cancellation period ends, and you acknowledge that you will thereby lose your right to cancel at that point.

    • Please be sure to read the game description and check out the screenshots available on Nintendo eShop before making purchases.
    • We also encourage you to visit the Nintendo website for information about the games available for our systems.
    • Parental Controls can be set on Nintendo systems that allow parents to set restrictions on Nintendo eShop purchases, if applicable.
    • In addition, many websites publish reviews of games, which you can use to make your purchasing decisions.