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Parental Controls Overview (izneo)

Age restrictions for the izneo application are set within your izneo account settings. They are independent from restrictions set on the Nintendo Switch console or in the Nintendo Account settings.

  • The age rating can be adjusted at any time through the content filter in the izneo account settings. The izneo account password is required to change the age rating.
  • Nintendo Switch Parental Controls can be set to restrict access to the izneo app entirely, or the in-app settings can be used to manage access to specific content within izneo.
  • The age restriction applies to content within the izneo application only. It does not apply to other software or applications on Nintendo Switch.
  • Once an age rating is set, content will be restricted to that age for everyone that uses that izneo account. Content with a higher age rating will not appear in the izneo application.
  • If you are concerned about other players viewing inappropriate content, you can either sign out of your izneo account or adjust the age rating appropriately before you close the application.