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    Nintendo eShop and Theme Shop Availability In Our Region

    For Wii U consoles and Nintendo 3DS family systems: A European Nintendo console can only access the Nintendo eShop and Theme Shop for European countries, regardless of its location

    Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS family systems and Wii U is available in the following countries:

    Code Country Currency
    GB United Kingdom GBP
    IE Ireland EUR
    DE Germany EUR
    IT Italy EUR
    FR France EUR
    ES Spain EUR
    PT Portugal EUR
    NL Netherlands EUR
    BE Belgium EUR
    LU Luxembourg EUR
    AT Austria EUR
    CH Switzerland CHF
    SE Sweden SEK
    NO Norway NOK
    DK Denmark DKK
    FI Finland EUR
    GR Greece EUR
    PL Poland PLN
    AU Australia AUD
    NZ New Zealand NZD
    CZ Czech Republic CZK
    ZA South Africa ZAR
    RU Russia RUB
    BG Bulgaria BGN
    HR Croatia HRK
    CY Cyprus EUR
    EE Estonia EUR
    HU Hungary HUF
    LV Latvia EUR
    LT Lithuania EUR
    MT Malta EUR
    RO Romania RON
    SK Slovakia EUR
    SI Slovenia EUR