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How to Load a Suspend Point

Instructions on how to load your game progress from an existing Suspend Point in Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.

Additional Information:

An active Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use this service.


  • If two players are playing Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online games, player one will be the one navigating the menu and making the desired selections.
  • Save Data Cloud backup is not supported for Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online software.

Complete These Steps:

  1. While in a game in the NES - Nintendo Switch Online library, press the ZL and ZR Buttons* to open the Suspend Menu, then select "Load Suspend Point".
  2. Select a Suspend Point in order to load your game progress.
    • Each Suspend Point will display a timestamp of when it was created.

*The button layout may vary if the Joy-Con controllers are being held horizontally as individual controllers in tabletop mode or TV mode.