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How to Join an Online Game (Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online)

Instructions on how to join an online game in Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.


You can play online with users you have added as Nintendo Switch friends.

Additional Information:

  • An active Nintendo Switch Online membership and internet access are required to use this software online.
  • While playing online with other users, the initiator of the online game will have control over the menus and the game selection.
  • Voice chat is supported by this software. For more information, click here.

Complete These Steps:

  • Access the Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online software.
  • From the menu on the left, select "Play Online", then select an online game from the list on the right.
  • If a passcode was set up for the game, you will need to enter it in.
  • Once you've joined the game, a notification will briefly appear on the screen.